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The synagogue is situated in the ghetto on the top floor of a building that stands in the courtyard of a house, disguised so as not to be identifiable from the outside. Inside, a stone base was added to the 18th-Century aron ha-kodesh in carved wood painted light blue. The tevah (1868), in walnut wood carved with plant motifs, occupies the central position, as was customary in Piedmontese synagogues before the Emancipation. In this particular case the benches of the congregation are facing not the tevah but the aron ha-kodesh.

The women’s gallery is situated above the entrance wall. The ceiling is decorated with a fresco in neoclassical style, and the Venetian mosaic flooring dates back to 1893.

Recent restoration works uncovered a painted surface that had been hidden, and this was subsequently reproduced on all the walls.

Biella/Piazzo, Vicolo del Bellone 3

Periodic opening to the public, guided visits for groups and school groups by reservation.

Information: tel. +39 339 2579283
email didattica@comunitaebraicavercelli.it

Partial accessibility: upper floor without elevator.